Outbound Training Programs

Think beyond classroom training and enhance your organizations performance through Outbound Training

Experiential Learning or Outbound Training is the most effective way to identify potential leaders or ‘Management Material’. These programs are deliberate in their use of physical activities and enforce the individuals’ natural capacity to think on their feet, by facing challenging situations, in teams or as independent thinkers. Employees realize the importance of communication, negotiation, teamwork, leadership, planning and delegation by actively participating in an Outbound Training Program.

These programs, as far as possible, use natural settings to ensure maximum ‘usage’ of an individual’s skills.

At Productivity Expertz, we design and plan out the programs based on the organizations’ requirements, post a detailed Training Needs Analysis. Venues are finalized on the basis of the outcome expected by the organization. From an in-room program, to a scavenger hunt in a resort or river rafting, all programs ensure the desired results.