Online Pre & Post Assessments

Incorporating Pre & Post Assessments into a training program enables us to determine areas of proficiency and deficiency at the individual and group level and helps determine the direction of training. These assessments determine what a participant knows and what his/her training needs are. An action plan for learning opportunities can then be customized based on these results. One of the advantages of this assessment process is the ability to bring the right course content into action. Streamlined content meets the specific needs of an individual in the organization. Thus, companies can avoid a shotgun approach to learning and emphasize on the areas of concern. Each course can be tailored to meet a specific need within the organization. Once the content of curriculum is determined, creating a learning environment and aligning training with business goals assures maximum productivity. The results of Pre & Post Assessments are analysed and compared to initial findings. Improvement is measured by comparing scores from previous assessments. Areas still needing attention can be addressed with further coaching, while areas of improvement could be monitored for continued growth.

We have ready online Pre and Post Assessments for entire Microsoft Office in the format of Multiple Choice, True/False and Yes/No Pattern. All online Assessments shows 20 questions randomly in order to give different questions to different participants. Maximum time for Assessment is 30 minutes.

Our Assessments are fully mobile optimized i.e. Participants can also use their smart phones to perform the Assessments.

Our Clients have their Company Accounts on our website by which they can refer to multiple Assessments performed by their employees. They can download Complete Assessment reports in Excel sheet. Create your Company Account

Our Clients also have flexibility to create their own internal Assessments for their employees.

All Assessments can be performed here